The Beginning Is Near

by J∆ydar

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17 tracks, 3 skits, mixed and mastered by Jaydar. Features various UK and US producers.


released January 30, 2017



all rights reserved


J∆ydar England, UK

UK Hip Hop. Truce Army.

Ubiquitous, East London.

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Track Name: The Missing Fragment (Feat. Joy)
imagine tryna think twice when you got half a brain,
looking hardly sane tryna spark the strain in this dark terrain,
to the snare and to the kick that's what i flow between
overseen bars are packed with vitamins like aubergines,
bun ya detriment jaydar bluntly hesitant
Castro died NASA's out in Saturn trumps the president
i document the times through the rhymes dump the evidence
and hope ya dug it up and found it buried when its relevant,
mastermind coming like my shitest lines ya hardest line
i find it funny coz i sit and write to pass the time,
scar your mind, life's bizarre friends are quite pretense
now im thinking fuck that bigger table build that higher fence,
coz there's times that i need the spark im driven with
living in a system full of greed an laughing hypocrites,
prefer to read about the queen and Nazi linage
connected like the stars and pyramids and its the fragment missing,
it done ever that's best the im now backwards spitting
down it breaking fraction splitting......we dont move bait
but funds are low its strictly business fuck a suitcase
the proofs in the pudding got that..fruitcake, im bringing
sweet and sickly schisms to ya central nervous system
now the system got ya nervous anyone can be a victim.
whips full of whips to whip yall and make you sit cool
pitfalls throw you in a pit of balls with pit-bulls ,

its the missing fragment, the minds a powerful jem,
consciously growing like the flowers that stem
its the missing fragment, a manipulated force
soul fragmentation leading to distorted thoughts
its the missing fragment, the minds a powerful jem,
consciously growing like the flowers that stem
its the missing fragment,
its the missing fragment, its the missing fragment...

banging tunes like old American blues
coz when i write i tell the truth from the peoples point of view display a
rough guide guiding rough tugs to leave ya tongue tied ,
and leave ya looking like a zombie in the sunlight
a sholin in a gunfight im not the comical one
i be the oracle the prodigal son...
its Mr know ya wack could never tear apart a
zodiac soul get to know the facts so
if you aint talking sense im thinking whats ya tactic,
old soul love the rap but fuck the trap its..hip..
hop but we quick to treat it like its cocaine,
drop the quality to help ya sales that's your aim
but me... i keep it pure and uncut every grain
it makes ya numb and keeps the catties quick to come back again ,
fragmented souls getting captured in sections,
and i stay reminding rappers of synaptic deceptions.

ts the missing fragment, the minds a powerful jem,
consciously growing like the flowers that stem
its the missing fragment, a manipulated force
soul fragmentation leading to distorted thoughts
its the missing fragment, the minds a powerful jem,
consciously growing like the flowers that stem
its the missing fragment, a manipulated force
soul fragmentation leading to distorted thoughts
its the missing fragment, a manipulated force
soul fragmentation leading to distorted thoughts
Track Name: Real Raw & Rugged
now i could rap about the government and pros, or
rap about the money and the hoes either way you need to know
bringing real rap back they cant hack it, (fuck em) you can watch me
weigh it up and bag it for the boom-bap addicts, (yea)
two turntables and the mics all i need
we could battle for the beats, if you loose you can
stop rapping and retreat..its the punchline verbalist
gun crime journalist one time murder this
flow nice (nice) ya can gamble up ya life like some
rolled dice mangle up ya wife cut here throat twice,
(its real) that's what happens its a cold life
so we stay sipping warm Hennessy with no ice (Ice) its
the gutter life nothing like its lullaby's an butterfly's
find me on the other side brothers die an mothers cry,
(truss me) think im rude? but you aint even got a clue
coz i keep telling em my attitude depends on you,

itss rawww to the real to the rugged
three elements thats how i does it...leave ya thinking
fuck it! three rs now you know the drill
raw rugged dont forget the real its
raw to the real to the rugged
three elements thats how i does it....leave ya thinking
fuck it......please dont make me tell ya once more
its real rugged...and dont forget the raww


there aint no time to start preying just run
you know the feds place crates of guns up in the slums ya
best to stay in ya drum (no joke) from the day i begun
i kept it real what i spray off my can find me spitting
gamer rays that carry weight to animate the verse
i got gaffer tape to fascinating ya faggot fakes like k
marinate the words man are clowning with the insolence
swimming in the information drowning in the ignorance,
like what you reckon that there frauds? (yeaa) now its time to
heckle lets perforce help growth like water on
the petal as it poured now its wars for the weapons its not
weapons for the wars take a second you should pause....
stand for proving, (yea) i wont stand for loosing, (nah) hear
me shouting out the words that im banned from using...(straight) yo
Donnie use ya head you could use that energy in beef
to fight against the feds let the future tell the rest
Track Name: Eyez Wide Shut (Feat. Joy)
your entwined to the ill est shit the times of the sickest spit
the rhymes that youll find in a mind full wickedness
disguised as a lyricist, act blind but your
sick coz it alines with the sky's like the pyramids,
and when i write the pain i feel it in my ligaments
the media manipulates a man to make him ignorant,
observe comfortably smoking on my stimulant
as bombs are dropping down on the impotent cant you see their
innocent???? i never used to say my thoughts aloud,
i used to tell my mum but now shes gone i talk to clouds,
and you could say my views are unethical
your minds not clear coz your foods full of chemicals,
the truth is inedible, i spit the root of the
vegetable coz when i watch the news man im skeptical,
talk trash let em listen false flag terrorism
Kim kardashian and more blacks sent to prison
turn it off there aint nothing onto watch
that dont make me feel like i aint trapped, stuck up in a box,
not know for conversation but im know to blaspheme,
control the population like the polo vaccine
you know sometimes i wish that i wernet born, this shit can leave me
torn coz the white mans the origin of war,
give the resources back to the poor
they cant tell you how many died itll leave you scorn,
claiming god'll be the reason for the battle
gold, oil,,, drugs ,,,,,watch the letters unravell,
its expected to baffled, with your eyes wide shut,
as you step in ya shackles, ill lay the foundation
cementing the gravel, coz maybe ide be happy in a
bigger house maybe ide be insicure and live in doubt,
its too much i cant be bothered tryna figure out
why im just another one that they dont give a shit about

i cant accept its ima set this straight
its sicker than the vicer tryna trick ya with collection plates,
claiming money is the route to all evil
yet they ask for it at church then they tell me im deceitful,
lets play a game of chess we can be the pawns
the feds can be the castle and the army is the horse
the bishop is the media, the queens the coportations,
the governments the king cant you see its more than blaitent,
and the bankers there not even in the game
coz there the ones thats playing us every single day,
asking if voted did i vote to stay or vote to leave
nah you must be joking i dont vote for change i vote for peace,
think they care about the people? they dont give a shit,
we only rest in peace why cant we live in it???
im just myself i dont represent a race,
if i shoot somebody you wont even see my face im callled
a lone wolf.. deluded) crazy im a mentalist
but if my skin was brown then ide be labelled as a terrorist,
coz this is all the shit ive seen as a poet
i paint melodic pictures like i got reason to show it,
releasing my pain when i speak on the page
all this evil and hate that the they seem to create,
i hope the leaders burn like the weed that i blaze
in a see full of flames till were free from the cage,

stand side by side with my brothers asian black or white
i dont care about no colours, social con-
ditioning all around this globe that were living in
these words are from my heart so i hope that your listening...
i dont conseal it like the weed up in my stashbox
another black shot coz the trigger happy
police let the gats where do you think
the streets get the guns and the coke and the crack what???
about the syrains and all the ones up in iraq..
rest in peace at least you found peace at last,
all the ones that died at the hand of a white man
it makes me feel ashamed like i swear on my life....damb,
and this gone be the realest shit i ever wrote r
cant conceal it hope you feel it when i let you know
my pens bleeds as im writing the song
now its time lets unite stand defiant as one
Track Name: The Future
i see Reptilians in billions there coming down upon us,
freak immortal beings taught in supernatural scholars
crafts made of elements like sulfar and sellenium
and they been watching how the humans work for three milleniums... i think its time to leave this place they
never seen a trace of such a greedy race and
they circled the stars...we aint even been to mars said
were dumb beings right before they slaugthered us they laughed
but all before that happened there was a thermobaric
bomb planted up in manhatten coz when the
aliens came they said they heard the bang from saturn
and most of us were flattened due to fragmentents getting scattered....
supersonic shock waves nuclear hallucinations....
internet off no way of communcation,
puss popping people posioned from the radiation ,
bodys blistering the nations.... the remaning fled without
no traces to some underground bases
decay rates dropping the mentalitys evasive...
and for the people that survived up on the surface
the crafts and vessels were upon em they were nervous..
scattering to hide in every corner...the visitors came
down and treated us like flora and the fauna,
told us that the earth is an inconsequential spec
and the reason that they came is to obliterate the rest

Stop collecting shoes start collecting books...
stop neglecting youts start to check and the
future i said im worried whats coming in the
future.. arnet you worried whats coming so
Stop collecting shoes start collecting books...
stop neglecting youts start to check and the
future.....arent you bothered whats coming in the
future...think about our motherfucking future

getting closer to the end but the begginings in my sight
ya glorify the hunter til the lion learns to write
so you aint got repespect for the nature then its deep
if the animals could speak then mankind would weep but thats
all long for man.....smuggle bombs like it was contriband
and if your doing better than your fellow man its gone to plan
what??? there aint no time to rise to the terrestrials
you wont see em coming coz the skies are full of chemicals,
no waters safe to drink like wheres best to breathe
permanent vasectomys on refugees.....and times
are looking like apocolpytic movies....absoloubte
power...corrupting soon as your
born your feeling torn like your ridiculed with jelousy
nationality and race fictional identities...
its all mindless entertainment, posionous foods
up in these times of desperation